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At Siefman Law LLC, we understand how overwhelming and stressful a DUI arrest can be. This is especially true if this is your first time and if you’ve never experienced anything like this before. Fortunately, our experienced Portland DUI attorneys have extensive experience helping those charged with DUI for the first time, and our goal will be to explain the process of defending you thoroughly and help ease any fears you might have about your future.

Our goal will be to get your DUI case dismissed or your charges reduced. Remember, a charge is not the same as a conviction. Also, you could be eligible for Oregon’s DUI diversion program, which would allow you to enter a guilty plea, but complete the program and later have your case dismissed.

We’ll be ready to evaluate your case and inform you of all the legal options available to you. To schedule a free and confidential case evaluation with Siefman Law LCC, call (503) 395-2135 today.

First-Time DUI Penalties

It’s important to understand that while a first DUI could result in a first DUI conviction, many times, it does not. If you are arrested for a DUI for the first time in Oregon and you meet certain qualifications, you will be eligible for Oregon’s diversion program, which is an agreement with the court that allows you to avoid a conviction.

After completing the Diversion, the DUI is dismissed after 12 months, and a conviction is avoided. You are only eligible for one DUI Diversion every 15 years. If you have already completed a Diversion in the past 15 years, and you are arrested for another DUI, you will be facing a first DUI conviction.

For a first-time DUI conviction, the court will likely order, at a minimum, the following:

  • 18-36 months of probation
  • One-year driver’s license suspension
  • At least 48 hours in jail or 80 hours of community service
  • A mandatory minimum fine of $1,000
  • If BAC was above.15, the minimum fine increases to $2,000
  • Interlock ignition device installed for one year following driver’s license suspension
  • Drug and alcohol treatment program that prohibits you from consuming intoxicating substance
  • Mandatory participation in victims impact panel

Our attorneys at Siefman Law LCC will do everything in our power to investigate the circumstances and details of your case to reduce your charges or get them dismissed.

How a Portland DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

The fear and anxiety of being arrested for driving under the influence can be overwhelming. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Portland for the first time, it’s critical that you contact the DUI defense lawyers at Siefman Law LLC as soon as possible. Our experienced and compassionate lawyers can help ease your stress by evaluating not only the charges against you but also the evidence the prosecutor has.

We will conduct an independent investigation into the events surrounding your DUI arrest, including but not limited to:

  • The circumstances and procedures surrounding your arrest and whether any of your rights were violated
  • The probable cause of the police officer who arrested you
  • The breathalyzer or sobriety tests that determined you were above the legal limit
  • The evidence associated with the prosecution’s case

No two DUI cases are exactly alike. The evidence, BAC results, and the manner in which your arrest was carried out can very well lead to a different outcome than someone else’s experience. Our seasoned Portland criminal defense lawyers will challenge the punishments associated with your first-time DUI case immediately following your arrest, such as:

  • 10-Day Mandatory License Suspension: Your license will be suspended on the tenth day after your arrest. Our attorneys will challenge that suspension by filing a notice on your behalf.
  • DUI Diversion Petition Deadline: Within 30 days of your court appearance, our lawyers will give you the information you need to consider a Diversion program. We will evaluate your entire DUI case before deciding whether the Diversion program is right for you. If we don’t think it is, we’ll fight for a favorable outcome on your behalf in court.
  • Suspension Hearing: Our lawyers understand how important your driving privileges are to your life and livelihood. We won’t hesitate to immediately challenge your license suspension during the hearing. We can use this opportunity to lay down the foundation for a stronger defense case to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received from our clients concerning their first-time DUI case. If you have any specific questions about your case, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Portland criminal defense lawyers at Siefman Law LCC today.

What’s the difference between DUI, DUII, and DWI?

Nothing. Different jurisdictions and states use different terms which mean the same thing – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In Oregon, a DUI arrest is technically called “Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants.” DUI and DUII are often used interchangeably in Oregon. In other states, the Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is used, which ultimately means the same thing as a DUI.

What should I do after being arrested for DUI in Oregon?

The most important step to take is to immediately reach out to an experienced Oregon DWI attorney. Avoid talking about the facts of the case with police officers until you have had an opportunity to speak to your attorney.

What happens if I refuse a blood or breath test?

According to implied consent law in Oregon, if you drive your vehicle on public property, you have given your consent to have a blood or breath test taken. Therefore, if you refuse a test after being arrested for DUI, you will face losing your driver’s license for one year. However, you are entitled to a DMV hearing during which you can potentially regain your driving privileges.

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When you call Siefman Law LCC, our experienced Portland criminal defense attorneys will review all the facts and circumstances surrounding your first-time DUI arrest. We will use our findings to strengthen your case. There could be flaws in how your breath tests or blood tests were administered. If we find any issues in your case, we will use these to your advantage.

We have handled many first-time DUI cases throughout Portland, so you can have full confidence you are working with well-qualified and experienced attorneys committed to securing a favorable outcome for you. To schedule a complimentary case evaluation, call (503) 395-2135 today.

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