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If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), time is of the essence. You will need a Portland DUI attorney to protect your rights, interests, and freedoms.
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  • Aggressive representation for DUI, first-time DUI, Felony DUI, controlled substance DUI, or other types of DUI
  • Compassionate guidance throughout the entire DUI criminal process
  • Proactive pursuit of eligibility for DUI diversion programs​
  • ​Advocacy through DMV Implied Consent Hearings
  • Creative and effective defense strategies for cases of all degrees of complexity​
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Facing DUI charges in Portland? You need to act quickly to save your license!
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We Act Quickly to Protect Your Driving Privileges

As experienced Portland criminal defense lawyers, we know that the first days following a DUI arrest are the most crucial. No other crime has such a diverse group of accused as the offense of DUI. DUI defendants come from all walks of life, careers, and economic backgrounds. You can even be arrested for DUI on a bike.
Regardless of the specific circumstances, all people accused of DUI have the same uphill battles to fight: jail, fines, social stigma, the challenges of navigating of the court system, potential job loss, and the potential loss of driving privileges. No two DUI cases are the same, and it will be the small details that will make the difference. Our firm can help you navigate your way to a positive case result.

Helpful Tips for Anyone Accused of DUI

  • You could only have 10 days to request an administrative license hearing or the DMV will automatically suspend your Oregon driver's license. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can evaluate your case!
  • It is ideal to have our defense firm request the hearing on your behalf. While it is ideal if Siefman Law LLC acts on your behalf to preserve your rights, you can request the license hearing yourself as well. You can learn how to do it by fax, mail, and online here. Make sure you check the box for an in-person hearing. You do not want a telephone hearing.
  • ​You also have a limited amount of time to challenge the towing of your car. In circumstances where your car was legally parked when you were arrested, it may have been improperly towed. By taking action and challenging the tow, our lawyers could help you save you hundreds of dollars.
  • ​Preserve your memory. Odds are the events that led to your arrest are already a blur. The officer was careful to record his perspective-all the details and observations that he thought would be important in prosecuting you. The officer was not necessarily recording details that benefit your defense.
  • Map out the events: where you were, whom you were with, who might have witnessed things that could be of value in your case, and all the details (no matter how minor) from the beginning of your encounter with the officer until your release from custody. Record your memories for future reference.

It's important that you obtain quality legal advice to ensure your rights are not taken advantage of. Contact us today!

DUI Charges in Oregon: Understanding Your Rights

It is not against the law to consume an alcoholic beverage and then drive. In order for a person to be convicted of DUI, it must be shown that he or she was actually under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, at the time of driving. Officers often use Breathalyzer Tests or Standardized Field Sobriety Tests to try to determine the driver's degree of intoxication.
Under Oregon's DUI statute ( ORS §813.010 ), you commit a DUI offense if you operate a vehicle while:

  • You are intoxicated by an intoxicating liquor, controlled substance, or inhalant (or any combination of these intoxicants) and impaired to a noticeable and perceptible degree; or
  • You have a blood alcohol content (BAC) percentage of 0.8 or more

The DUI defense attorneys at Siefman Law LLC believe you should make every effort to avoid a DUI conviction. We strongly advise you to take the proper steps toward your defense by retaining our legal services. We can use our in-depth knowledge of Oregon DUI law to build a personalized defense for your case!

We Know How to Challenge Your DUI Charges

Our criminal defense law firm will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest and use our findings to strengthen your case. For example, there may be flaws with how your field sobriety tests, breath tests, and/or blood tests were administered. Was the breath testing machine correctly calibrated? Did the officer properly instruct you during your field sobriety tests? The officer may have lacked probable cause for making the DUI stop in the first place.
If we find any errors or issues in your DUI case, will use these to your advantage. We have handled hundreds of criminal cases like yours, so rest assured, we are fully qualified to provide you with an effective legal solution!
Contact our firm to schedule a complimentary case evaluation! You can reach us at (503) 395-2135

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