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We understand the sensitive nature of sex crimes and will treat your case with the respect and care that it deserves. Siefman Law LLC is prepared to offer you the tenacious representation and devoted confidentiality that you can trust.

Our competent and capable Portland criminal defense attorneys are prepared to offer you zealous representation. Regardless of the specifics concerning your sex crime offense, we will work to achieve a favorable outcome. We have handled hundreds of criminal cases and are qualified to serve as your dedicated advocate next.

Hundreds of Cases Successfully Handled

If you are facing criminal charges for a sex offense such as sexual abuse, rape, unlawful sexual penetration, prostitution, or child pornography in Portland, Oregon, you need an experienced lawyer whose aggressive defense can challenge all the allegations made against you. If found guilty, you can be severely penalized and live with the social stigma of being a convicted sex offender for the rest of your life.

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  • Free, initial consultations that are completely confidential and discrete
  • Successful track record of results in handling hundreds of defense cases
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  • Discrete legal advocacy and guidance tailored to suit your goals and needs​
  • We come highly recommended by our past clients

We are aggressive fighters and will do whatever it takes to help protect your rights. Our goal is to help you avoid the serious repercussions of a criminal conviction. Whether you have been charged for child pornography, molestation, prostitution, rape, sexual abuse, or any other sex crime, our skilled criminal defenders are prepared to represent you.

Understanding the Severity of a Sex Crime Conviction

All conduct that is harmful to an adult or child's emotional, mental, or physical welfare is considered a sexual abuse offense. Sex crime charges are one of the most serious criminal offenses an individual can face. If convicted of a sex offense, you may be sentenced with heavy fines, severe prison time, court-mandated sex registration, and a permanent criminal record. You cannot afford to plead guilty without consulting an attorney.

As a result of the sensitive nature of sex crimes, the lasting consequences will be detrimental to your future. Not only will you have to register as a sex offender and update your information as frequently as it changes, but your name and personal information will also be placed on a public website.

Consequences can include:

  • Lengthy prison time, fines, and probation
  • Individuals will be able to locate you at all times
  • Your freedoms will be violated​
  • ​Your privacy will be lost
  • Your future opportunities will be limited​
  • Your criminal record will make it challenging and nearly impossible for you to secure employment, apply for schooling, and be accepted for housing

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Client Testimonials

"His efforts and trustworthy attitude got me off of the violation with NO TIME IN PRISON. I owe more than the cost of the attorney. He made it so I can continue to run my business and provide for my family. I get to look in my son’s eyes and know that I am safe thanks to Jeffrey Siefman. I highly recommend him, no matter how big or small the case. His efforts and honesty will prevail to fighting the flaw in the system." - Adam B, Criminal Defense Client

"I felt listened to, and he explained things to me in a way I could understand. I felt that my legal issue was their top priority, and it was evident when he won the case.” - Tricia, Criminal Defense Client

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