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If you have just been arrested or accused of a crime, this is the most crucial and dangerous period of time for you. This is the time when you are scared and nervous, and when the system has a huge advantage over you.

This is when people get themselves into trouble thinking that they can talk their way out of the situation. You cannot. No matter how much it seems that the officer wants to help you, he does not.

Remain silent, don’t give consent for anything, and call our Portland criminal defense lawyers at Siefman Law LLC as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Aggressive Defense When You Need It Most

Our Portland criminal defense attorneys are passionate about your future, and we care about results. Our trial lawyers have provided legal counsel in hundreds of criminal cases, and they are ready to use that experience to help you secure your future!

Every single criminal case is unique. The smartest thing you can do when you are up against criminal allegations is to contact us for a free case evaluation. This will allow us to review the specific facts of your case and recommend a course of action that is tailored to your specific needs.

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"Jeff is a classy character, extremely knowledgeable and was professional throughout the entire painful process. He answered all my calls and emails promptly, unlike other attorneys! He also got the job done and done right! If you want quality and performance at a reasonable price I recommend calling Siefman Law LLC."
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"My experience with Mr. Seifman was excellent. He was always very professional and responsive. He immediately addressed any issues as they came up regarding my case. In the end I was very satisfied with how the case turned out. I would Recommend Jefferey Siefman to anyone."
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"Jeff represented me 7 years ago. He did a great job guiding me through the maze of legal issues. He saved my bacon more than once. You know he did his job when the property room calls to tell me you “come get your stuff, just don’t bring your attorney”!"
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Portland Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyers

With over a decade of experience, Siefman Law LLC is the trusted name in Portland legal representation. We offer personalized service and exceptional results in the fields of criminal defense and personal injury. We are compassionate, caring attorneys who keep you informed and focus on your needs throughout the entire legal process. Below are some of the practice areas we can help you with:

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Previous Case Results

Case Dismissed
Domestic Violence Charges
Client was charged with assault 4, interfering with making a report, and harassment. The pre-trial offer was 15 days jail, 24 months probation and a $500 fine. We were able to prove that the Police Report contained many factual inaccuracies and after an Eight week class all charges were dismissed against client.
Case Dismissed
Felony Probation Violation
Client was accused of violating probation, threatened with revocation of probation and years in prison. Thanks to the litigation of Siefman Law LLC it was held that the probation was unlawfully extended and thus there was no probation to violate. Probation Violation dismissed.
Case Dismissed
​Marijuana Related Charges​
Client was charged with unlawful manufacture, delivery and possession of marijuana. The pre-trial investigation and litigation led to the case being dismissed for violating the constitutional rights of our client to be free from unlawful search and seizure.