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Have you or a loved one suffered burn injuries that were caused by someone else? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation – compensation that an experienced burn injury lawyer in Oregon can help you pursue.

Burn injuries are painful and debilitating and can lead to long-term health consequences that require a lifetime of medical care. But when your burn injuries aren’t your fault, those consequences shouldn’t be yours alone to bear.

The Oregon burn injury attorneys at Siefman Law LLC are ready to fight to get you the money and the justice you deserve, so call us today at (503) 395-2135 or contact us online to discuss your claim during a free initial consultation.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries frequently result from:

  • Car accidents – Traffic collisions frequently result in fires that lead to burn injuries. This is common to both gasoline- and battery-powered vehicles.
  • Apartment/hotel/workplace fires – Property owners and managers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of that property, and when they fail in that responsibility, innocent people can be hurt.
  • Electrical components – Faulty electrical wiring, poor insulation, and grounding issues can all lead to electrical burns.
  • Chemical exposure – Acidic or basic chemicals can cause chemical burns, which require different treatment than other types of burns.
  • Defective products – Poorly designed or manufactured products can lead to burns, particularly those that are battery-, electric-, or gas-powered.
  • Hot liquid/steam – Burst pipes, boiling drinks and food items, and heated surfaces can all lead to injuries, particularly when they are unexpected.

Types of Burn Injuries

There are four types of burns. Each type of burn is classified based on how deep into the skin the burn penetrates. The types of burns are:

  • First-degree burns penetrate the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis. These burns typically require only first aid, although, under certain circumstances, they can require more extensive medical treatment.
  • Second-degree burns penetrate both the first and second layers of the skin, called the dermis. They require both first aid and further medical treatment.
  • Third-degree burns penetrate all three layers of skin, including the fat layer. Damage is extensive and can be fatal without immediate and sustained medical intervention.
  • Fourth-degree burns are extremely serious burns that penetrate all three layers of skin, muscles, and bones. The burn may penetrate so deeply into the skin as to cause nerve damage. They require considerable medical care and are often fatal.

Treatment for Severe Burns

Severe burns can result in serious medical complications. Treatment may involve:

  • Skin grafting – This form of treatment involves replacing permanently damaged skin with healthy skin taken from elsewhere on the body.
  • Amputation – When the burn penetrates into the muscles, bone, and other deep tissue of a limb, amputation may be required.
  • Reconstructive surgery – Severe burns may require reconstructive surgery to repair damage and minimize disfigurement.
  • Rehabilitation – Burns that cause nerve damage may reduce mobility. Rehab may help improve the victim’s ability to move that part of the body or to make adjustments based on these limitations.

Who Might Be Liable for a Burn Injury

In order to receive compensation for a burn injury, you must prove that the other party is legally responsible for that injury, which involves establishing four different elements.

The first element is establishing that the other party had a duty of care, which means that they had an obligation to behave or act in a way that would not harm others.

The second element is a breach of that duty. You must demonstrate that the other party failed to show you the reasonable amount of care that they were required to.

The third element is causation. You have to prove that the other party’s actions caused the circumstances that led to your injury.

The final element of negligence is suffering losses. You must show that you were materially impacted by the other party’s actions in a way for which you can be compensated financially. Examples of losses include medical bills, diminished income or future earnings, and pain and suffering.

If you sustained your burn injuries in a car accident that was caused by another driver, that person would be liable for your injuries. If you sustained your burn injuries on someone else’s property, the person who owns or manages that property might be liable for your injuries. If you sustained your burn injuries as a result of using a defective product (and not due to misuse of the product), the manufacturer of that product might be liable for your injuries.

The Oregon burn injury lawyers at Siefman Law LLC can conduct a thorough investigation of the accident that caused your injuries to determine who was liable and from whom we can seek compensation on your behalf.

Compensation for Severe Burn Injuries in Oregon

If someone else is responsible for your burn injuries, you may be entitled to receive several different types of compensation from them.

Economic damages cover the measurable financial burdens of your injuries, including:

  • Medical bills and treatment/therapy costs, including the future expense of continued treatment, prescription drugs, and home/vehicle modifications
  • Loss of income, including loss of future income/earning potential

Non-economic damages, which cover the intangible losses you have suffered, such as:

  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of or decline in quality and enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Punitive damages are exceptionally rare, and are meant to punish the party who hurt you. To receive punitive damages, you must prove with clear and convincing evidence that the person who injured you acted recklessly, with malice, and knew the risks of those actions.

How Siefman LLC Could Help

The Oregon burn accident attorneys at Siefman Law LLC have experience helping burn victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We fight hard for our clients at the negotiating table and in the courtroom, and offer free consultations to prospective clients. Contact us online or by calling (503) 395-2135 for yours.

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