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Meeting the Standards of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Do you currently operate a medical marijuana dispensary or grow site, or are you in the process of opening this type of business? Siefman Law LLC can help you navigate the vast rules and regulations you will need to comply with in order to set-up and maintain your dispensary or wholesale business.

To ensure that you are in compliance and avoid any penalties or being shutdown consult with an attorney who understands the rules. Siefman Law LLC, are the Portland criminal defense attorneys who can provide you with the necessary guidance. Whether you have received an inspection report with a deficiency or want to proactively avoid compliance problems, we can help.

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Handling Medical Marijuana Compliance Issues

Opening and operating a medical marijuana dispensary can be challenging in the state of Oregon. The rules governing the set-up and operation of a dispensary is complicated, and the legal landscape is ever changing. Some local governments have placed a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries within its jurisdiction.

Here are a few of the general qualifications that dispensaries are required to meet:

  • Must be a registered business (or have such registration pending)
  • Must be in the correct zoning area (commercial, industrial, mixed-use, or agricultural land)
  • ​Must not be located at the same address as a growsite
  • ​Must not be situated within 1,000 feet of another dispensary
  • Must not be must not be situated within 1,000 feet of a school

Getting past all the red tape can be extremely challenging. Our lawyers can ensure that you are thoroughly informed of the rules you have to comply with, and help you reduce your chances of running into unnecessary problems.

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