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Jeff Siefman, Attorney At Law

Jeff Siefman

Jeff is an attorney who focuses his practice on criminal defense. His office is located in Portland, Oregon. Jeff represents defendants in state court in the Portland metropolitan area and throughout Oregon.

He represents criminal defendants in a wide range of criminal cases, including cases that involve charges for DUI, driving while suspended, traffic crimes, drug crimes, probation violations, parole violations, felonies, sex crimes, white collar crimes, computer crimes and offenses that lead to Measure 11 sentencing. He is also able to represent drivers in administrative license hearings. Jeff is a competent attorney who offers his clients compassionate counsel combined with zealous legal advocacy and a mission of helping each client reach a successful case result.

The attorney mainly provides his services to clients in the Portland metropolitan area, which includes Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. However, he is also available to handle cases in Oregon courts outside of this area. When you work with Jeff, your first case evaluation will be free of charge. If he is unable to personally assist you, he will help you find someone else who can meet your needs.

Contact Jeff today to learn more about your rights and the consequences of the charges against you! You can reach him by calling (503) 395-2135.

Jeff grew up in Michigan and earned his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. After graduation, Jeff moved to Colorado to pursue his love of rock climbing and his passion for the outdoors. He then moved to Oregon to attend Willamette University College of Law. It was at Willamette University that Jeff began to hone his skills in criminal law. Throughout law school, Jeff worked for the Polk County District Attorney’s Office. It was the holistic approach of that office that would lay the foundation for Jeff becoming the criminal defense lawyer he is today.

After graduating law school, Jeff chose to become a criminal defense attorney. This decision was based on a desire to protect the Constitution, fight for the little guy and help people in need take their lives back. You can often find Jeff at the office toiling away with his companion Reggae, an amazing Black Lab that loves a good game of ball at lunch. When Jeff is not in the office fighting for your rights, he can be found rock climbing, snowboarding, running, hiking, doing yoga or just enjoying all the beauty and fun Oregon has to offer.

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